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September 23, 2007
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"What. The. FUCK?!"
Frank woke up with a start. He quickly pulled back the curtains to his bunk and inspected the others. Mikey's bunk was unoccupied.
"WHO WAS THAT?!" Gerard poked his head out of his own curtains. His hair was a complete mess and he had black bags under his eyes, from eyeliner or lack of sleep Frank didn't know. Either way, he didn't look happy. He looked around and his gaze finally fell on Frank.
"Was that you?" he asked.
"No, I think it was Mikey," Frank told him as he sat upright and jumped off his bunk. "Come on, then!"
Gererd grumbled something about not being a morning person before getting out of his own bunk and following Frank down the tourbus. The smell of coffee hit them like lightning.
"MIKES YOU MADE COFFEE WITHOUT US?!" Gerard shouted angrily before practically sprinting to the coffee machine and emptying its contents into a mug. Frank looked around the small living area for Mikey. He found him curled up in a ball on the coach, the laptop screen reflected in his glasses.
"What's wrong Mikeypoo?" Frank said in a sing-song voice as he ploped onto the coach beside him. Mikey looked at him really oddly.
"Where did that name come from?" he asked him.
"Er. I dunno," Frank mumbled before leaning on Mikey's lap to look into the screen. Mikey quickly picked up the laptop and shut it before Frank even got a proper gaze.
"Awwww. Come on, Mikes, what is it?" Frank whispered, "I can keep a seecret!"
Gerard finally came back from the coffee machine to find Mikey whispering something into Frank's ear. Frank looked confused at first, but his eyes suddenly became wide.
"Nooooooooooooooo...they wouldn't!" Frank argued as Mikey opened the laptop again.
"Fine then. See for yourself!" Mikey replied as they both gazed into the screen.
"Hey, what am I missing?" Gerard asked them, placing his precious coffee on the small table and jumping ontop of his brother and best friend to get a look at the screen.
"NO!" they shouted in unison, but it was too late. Gerard had already read the title of the fan fiction.
Gerard stopped breathing for a second in surprize before falling off the coach and onto the floor. What the fuck was Frerard?
"Gee, I just saw this thing called 'My Chemical Slash' went on it...and...this was one of I read it....." Mikey explained, stuttering quite a bit aswell. Frank was blushing like a tomato, actually a proper red. Gerard just looked at Frank, and Frank looked back.
"Let's just pretend this never happened," Gerard sensibly suggested before he quickly ran back to his bunk, coffee in hand. Frank just sat there, left in his own thoughts as Mikey got up and followed Gerard. Had someone just read his mind and put it on the web?


"Frank, can I talk to you for a minute?"
Frank looked up. Gerard was standing in the doorway, with a cup of coffee (as usual), gazing at Frank.
"Er, yeah sure," Frank replied, laying Pansy on the bunk and leaving Ray to play by himself. He followed Gerard outside the bus, wondering what he couldn't say infront of Ray. Gerard finally stopped and turned to face Frank.
"Frank, you remember the 'My Chemical Slash' incident?" Gerard asked him softly.
"Yes." Of course he had, he hadn't stopped thinking about it for days.
"Well, I've been thinking... maybe these onstage kisses...they cause too many runors...i think...maybe..." Frank knew what was coming next, "...we just stop them all together." Frank felt a small tear fall down his face, hoping desperatly that Gerard hadn't noticed. The only times his fantasies came true? Gone? No, he wouldn't have it. He couldn't have it.
"Wait, Frank? What's wrong?" Gerard asked as he lifted Frank's head to look at him.
"I-I can't, Gee!" The tears came freely as he sobbed, "I don't want them to stop!" Gerard looked completely stunned. He had not been expecting this.
"Wha-Why not?" he stuttered.
"Because I love you!" Oh fuck. He hadn't ment to say it. Frank ran into the bus again, leaving Gerard in the freezing cold.


Frank heard the fists banging on the door again as it vibrated with the force. But the lock hadn't broken, so he was safe in the clean bathroom from Gerard's pleads.
"Frank, please, let me in!" Gerard shouted. When no reply came, the banging stopped and he heard crying. Frank immediatly got up and unlocked the door to his prison. Gerard was sitting hunched up against the wall, crying into his hands. Frank hated the sight.
"Gerard, don't cry," Frank whispered as he placed a hand on Gerard's shaking shoulder. He suddenly stopped crying and grabbed Frank's hand. Gerard was fucking freezing.
"Holy shit, man, your so cold!" Frank said sadly before kneeling down and hugging his freezing crush.
"Frank...I love you too," Gerard whispered before falling limp in Frank's arms.


Gerard's eyes finally opened to see Frank asleep by his side.
Frank suddenly woke up.
"Gee! You're awake! GUYS HE'S AWAKE!" Frank shouted as the others came to Gerard's side aswell.
"God, man, you nearly gave me a heart attack!" Bob shouted as Mikey and Ray high-fived in rejoice.
"What happened?" Gerard whispered feebly as he reached for Frank's hand. Frank took it as he explained,
"You were so fucking cold that you fainted. Ray thought you'd died until we rang the doctor and he set you right again."
"Where am I?"
"In a dream...WE'RE ALL A DREAM!!!!" Mikey sang as he put his face right next to Gerard's.
"MIKEY! He's already confused!" Bob said as he wacked Mikey over the head, "we're still in the tourbus, Gee."
"Thank God."
"Er, guys? Could you leave me and Frank alone for a sec?" Gerard mumbled as he turned over to face Frank properly. The others nodded and left the small bedroom.
"Frank, did I tell you? I don't remember...did I tell you that I loved you?"
"Yes, you did Gee," Frank said as he leaned in and kissed Gerard lightly on the lips, "and you don't have to pretend to be in casulty, you know, you can get up."
Gerard quickly got up and hugged Frank tightly. As he did, he noticed the laptop was on.
"Can we read that Frerard?"
Ok. This idea has been in my head for YONKS now, but I don't REALLY like how it came out. The fainting thing was really weird and I have no idea what so eva how I wrote it in this story. Oh well. :)
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